Target Rug Round-Up

Layered doormats are all the rage right now! The combination of a trendy rug with a mat on top creates a beautiful aesthetic and functionality to a front door. Starting with the base layer, mix and match bold styles, colors, and patterns. As far as sizing goes, a good rule of thumb is one size larger than your doormat (which is typically 2 X 3), so you do not risk the doormat overlapping your rug. Most importantly, be playful with your base layer! Next up, stay simple, yet unique, with your door mats. Bright colors, fun messages or stylish sleek designs are the perfect way to build a gorgeous layered look. You really can’t go wrong with any pattern or color combination, so I encourage you to have fun. You can incorporate any rug or doormats from the image below to create your own style.

Stylishly, Kristen

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