Welcome to the blog

Hey everybody! Its Kristen -just a small town Texas girl who has a love for fashion, beauty, fitness, and family. I currently reside in a large suburb of Dallas with my husband Nicholas, along with our two precious kiddos, Archer and Fiona. My babes are 19 months apart and are B.U.S.Y. The majority of my immediate family is within a 10-15 mile radius and we like it that way- always in each other’s business.

I’m a retired teacher turned stay at home mom. Also, I juggle being a part time personal stylist using my master’s degree in fashion merchandising, all of which has influenced me to create this beautiful blog.

I pride myself in being a very loyal friend and have always loved helping others look and feel their best. When I was younger, I was a major tomboy- that’s where my love for fitness and all things active come into play. I’m one of three sisters, my parents have been married for 40+ years and I love my crazy family with my whole heart. I’m a lover of the Lord, but by no means am I perfect. Heck, who is? If any of this hits home for you, then YOU are my people!

I am hoping that this can be a safe space for all of us to empower and love on one another. I would be absolutely thrilled if you would subscribe to my blog and follow along on my journey on Instagram at @happilyhebert. Y’all are seriously THE BEST!



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